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These events can be provided by request  within the greater Ottawa area.

Introduction To The Quartz Crystal Family (The Fab Five)*

Curious about stones and crystals?

This fun and interactive workshop introduces you to five members of the Quartz crystal family: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine.

    •  Learn a few technical things such as their mineral composition and formation, as well as an introduction to frequencies and working with stone vibration.
    •  Learn about metaphysical properties, how to cleanse and care for your stones and their different uses.
    • Connect to each stone with the help of a brief meditative exercise to experience their energy.

I bring the knowledge and crystals to you!

You will receive a pouch with all five tumbled stone with a small handout to get you started on your crystal adventure.

How to Connect and Work Intuitively with Crystals*

…Because everyone can read about them in books.

In this hands-on approach you will learn some basic information about crystals, frequencies and resonance, as well discover how you perceive information from them. With this comes the ability to work with crystals, either for meditation purposes or to help to bring the body back to balance.

Please bring something to take notes with.

Group Activations and Lightbody Upgrades: *

 An “Activation”, as the word implies, activates, amplifies and awakens innate abilities which are already present within. It does not add or “put in” anything new as with an attunement, it simply brings out, heightens and enhances natural gifts and abilities.

What is a Lightbody? The simple answer is that it is the part of us that is pure energy; within us, through us and around us. Our Lightbody extends out to our Soul, Higher Self and Cosmic origins.

When we come together as group, our combined presence intensifies and increases energy frequencies and holds space for the divine beings of light who work with us and through us.  Being part of a group activation enables you to open yourself up to an external source of intense awakening. Everyone mutually benefits from the shift which creates a ripple effect among all who are present. The varying frequencies within the group create a complete circuit of energy as we all come into oneness; that which benefits the one, benefits the whole.

This advanced energy work offers a re-patterning of your energy field and anchors divine aspects of Self into your physical body and consciousness.

As we all have Cosmic origins, you will find these sessions helpful with connecting to those energies and having a better understanding of your path. You may also be presented with a new guide, some messages or “homework” to aid in your spiritual growth.

Participants can be comfortably seated or laying down (yoga mats, blankets, pillows, etc…)

*rates and prices will vary; there is a minimum of 4 participants.

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