Journey Work – Shamanic Healing

Crystal Shamanism was developed by Karen Osborne after years of study with many teachers of different lineages and practices. It combines Crystal Healing with Shamanic Ceremony in simple ways that are extremely effective. A journey is comparable to a guided visualization that relaxes both the mind and body, which allows subconscious information to come up to the surface of your awareness. This allows you to discover the root cause of many issues, beliefs, behaviours and patterns that keep appearing in your life. 

A session has you laying fully clothed on a massage table and includes a crystal layout, energy medicine, shamanic clearing techniques and a ceremony (journey work).

Examples of ceremonies are: clearing events from our past, cord-cutting, soul retrieval, shadow work, past-lives, power animal retrieval, space clearing and ancestral healing to name a few.

In person sessions: $95 for 60 minutes and $130 for 90 minutes

Distance/remote sessions: $75

Space – House- Land Clearing (distantly): $75

In Person Sessions

Journey to Heal the Source of an Imbalance: $130 (90 minutes)

Events from our past create beliefs, about ourselves and those around us, which leave energetic imprints. When negative or traumatic, these imprints allow subconscious patterns to play out in our daily lives, which may affect our behaviour, emotional responses, views of the world, etc. Sometimes, these imbalances originate in past-lives but get carried over into this one.

By going back and exploring the source of an imbalance, we are able to clear it from our energy field which shifts our perceptions and how we interact with the world.

Cord Cutting – Empowerment Ceremony: $95 (60 minutes)

Cords are energetic links that are attached to our body and which go out to people, places and events from our past. These cords drain us of our lifeforce, often causing fatigue, lack of motivation, confusion, as well as keeping us locked in patterns of negativity. Often, we are unable to move forward or make clear decisions, as the past still has a hold on us.

This journey is great to do when you are either finishing or wanting to start anything new, such as a romantic relationship, friendship, job, a move, etc.

Journey to Meet With Your Spirit Guides: $95 (60 minutes)

Spirit Guides are wonderful sources of love and wisdom. They can be of great assistance in our daily lives and also help us with our spiritual development.

Power Animal Retrieval Ceremony: $95 (60 minutes)

Animal Totems, or Animal Spirits are part of a higher collective consciousness. They have been recognized and respected by many native traditions as protectors and keepers of wisdom, able to offer us assistance in times of need. Some people are born with an animal totem guide, while others come and go depending on the circumstances in our lives. When an animal guide comes to us it is because they have some quality or gift that we are lacking or some strength that we required. They can also help us recognized and integrate some underdeveloped or even unwanted parts of ourselves.

Awakening What Has Remained Asleep… A Birthing Ceremony: $95 (60 minutes)

This is a lovely ceremony that can be great for someone who is struggling to identify what their life purpose is, or, the reason why they are not fulfilling it, or what steps need to be taken.

Ceremony to Heal An Ancestor: $95 (60 minutes)

Doing ancestral healing allows us to clear wounding that has been passed down through the generations. It is not only healing for yourself and the ancestor, but to all those who have inherited the wounding. The wonderful thing with this is that it breaks cycles which can clear up karma and free your descendants. You also have the opportunity to understand your ancestor’s strengths and begin to draw on them for healing and growth.

Resolving the Past Ceremony:  $95 (60 minutes)

This ceremony calls in the Angelic realms to assist in reviewing our lives and seeing what needs to be mended and resolved.

Ceremony to Heal the Sorcery/Harm You Have done to Others: $95 (60 minutes)

Throughout our lives we have caused harm to others, sometimes intentionally, but mostly unintentionally. This journey allows us to become aware of this, to call back all the power we gave away through those acts, to ask forgiveness, and regain a sense of peace and wholeness.

Healing the Shadow Self Ceremony: $130 (90 minutes)

We all have part of ourselves or personalities that we repress, reject, ignore, disown, hide, deny, project onto others, etc. This journey allows you to meet with an aspect of your shadow, to understand how it was created, how it affects your life, how it acts out, what you have lost because of it, how it impedes you, etc. You are then able to love it and heal it (this is self-love and self-healing) in order to discover its hidden gifts and reintegrate them into yourself for greater wholeness.

Healing the Fear of Death Ceremony: $130 (90 minutes)

We all have primal fears ingrained in our cellular memories. This journey allows for the exploration of the origin of a primal fear and releases it, with the help of the Ancestors.

Healing Karma – Akashic Record Work: $130 (90 minutes)

This ceremony allows you to explore the karma you have with a person or issue in your current life (relationships, phobias, behaviours, beliefs or any other challenges). You may also be guided by Spirit to a past lifetime that is affecting you the most right now. This journey is done for self-healing and growth purposes, to learn, to own what was done, to forgive others involved and to remember who you truly are.

Distance Sessions

House/Space clearings (in Absentia) $75

Much like an “energetic spring cleaning”, this session involves a crystal healing grid, energy medicine and shamanic clearing techniques. It is great for: moving in or out of a new home, trying to sell, after the end of a relationship, when starting a new chapter in your life, after conflict between members of the family, or simply when things fell “off” or “heavy”.

Personal Clearing/healing Session (in Absentia) $75

This session includes a crystal healing grid, energy medicine and shamanic clearing techniques. There is no journey per say however, if appropriate, messages and guidance may come through.

If required, a 10 minutes Zoom meeting may be included to discuss issues and book the session itself. A brief report and follow-up will be given in the days that follow the session.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this site is not expressed as medical advice. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or replace conventional medical or psychotherapy treatment.