Journey Work – Shamanic Healing

Crystal Shamanism combines Crystal Healing with Shamanic Ceremony in simple ways that are extremely effective. A journey is comparable to a guided visualization that relaxes both the mind and body, which allows subconscious information to come to the surface. This allows you to discover the root cause of many issues, beliefs, behaviours and patterns that keep appearing in your life. 

A session has you laying fully clothed on a massage table and includes energy work, chakra balancing, a crystal layout and ceremony (journey work).

Examples of ceremonies are: going into the past to heal an original wound, cord-cutting, soul retrieval, shadow work, past-lives, power animal retrieval, space clearing and ancestral healing, to name a few.

In person sessions are approximately 90 minutes: $120

Distance/remote sessions: $95

Space – House- Land Clearing (distantly): $85

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