Biomagnetic Pair therapy (BMP) is a holistic approach that uses therapeutic grade magnets to balance pH distortions in the body in order to promote wellness. Biomagnetism supports traditional medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, and other holistic therapies, to restore and/or maintain optimal health.

The primary objective of BMP is to help the organism return to a balanced state or homeostasis, thus setting the conditions necessary for the immune system to heal the body.

This healing technique was first developed in the 1980’s by DR Isaac Goiz Duran (with the help of Richard Broeringmeyer, NASA Chief Medical)  based upon his discovery of the “Bio Magnetic Pair”.  A Bio Magnetic pair is created when two areas of the body are energetically (and magnetically) connected and resonating with each other, one being positive-acidic, the other being negative-alkaline

A body that is too acidic (low pH) is prone to viral and fungal infection and degenerative processes. A body that is too alkaline (high pH) is subject to inflammation, swelling, pain, and bacterial and parasitic infections.

During a BMP session, the body is scanned to find these areas of pH imbalance. Therapeutic strength magnets are then used to neutralize the pH in the effected zones. This is done by placing a negative magnet on the organ or tissue that is alkaline, and a positive magnet on the organ or tissue that is acid. The “like on like” magnetism, pushes the charges together and collapses them back into the neutral zone.

In this way, pH disturbances are neutralized, breaking up energy blockages and removing the conditions necessary for a “pathogen friendly” environment. The pathogens can then die off and the body is able to secrete them. Antibodies thrive within a neutral pH.

BMP also addresses tissue, organ and glandular dysfunction that is not related to pathogens but ultimately related to a pH imbalance, and can also be used to help speed the recovery from physical injury.

Biomagnetism can be effective on the emotional body as well. Correctly placed magnets work to release energy blockages related to past emotional trauma.


Session cost:

Protocols (first 2 sessions): $85 each

Regular session (approx. 90 minutes): $125


*This therapy is risk-free and should only be used with precaution in the case of persons with battery-powered implants or devices (such as pacemakers or hearing aids), pregnant women, and patients who have undergone or are planning to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy. 


Disclaimer: All information provided on this site is not expressed as medical advice. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or replace conventional medical or psychotherapy treatment.